A new interface between
consumer and product

The global smartphone adoption brings to the consumer a new approach of major retailers' products he uses. It also represents for manufacturers and stores a direct and special channel with their core target. AboutGoods Company understood it and exploits these new uses with two services ranges:

For consumers

  • A line of interconnected, useful and fun mobile apps

For professionals

  • A web platform to manage QRCodes on packagings, and link them to various contents

They trust us

  • European project

    Selected for the Horizon 2020 R&D program of the European Commission, we participate in Resyntex's consortium and pioneer industrial project for textile recycling.


    Web platform for professionals, Kweeri simplifies the management of your special offers, on product's packagings (QRCode creation, customized content, impact analysis…).

    Research and development

    Ou engineers work on an image processing algorithm, to extract textual datas from a receipt photograph, understand them despite the distributor's denominations that differs, and finally sort them by type of datas in a same entity.

  • Our mobile apps

    Fun mobile apps to ease your life! Connected to one and only account, they gather a real user community.

    Shopping assistant
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    Dressing assistant
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Nos progiciels

OS Skill

Dispose of reliable HR information and boost your productivity

OS Doc

Supply a reliable information with efficiency

OS Diag

Diagnose your knowledge management procedures

OS Way

Build pertinent and adoptable terminologies

They talk about us

A versatile team

  • René Le Caignec

    Benefiting from a wide experience in mass consumption marketing and management, René made a detour by a R&D center in Swiss before starting AboutGoods Company in 2012.

    Rizlène Raoui

    IT doctor, image semantic processing searcher. Rizlène work with LISTIC laboratory (Polytech Annecy) to create our new data acquisition technologies

    Anthony Da Cruz

    IT engineer, team manager, UX specialist, back-end and data skilled: in short, everything that turns a simple idea in a great user experience.

  • Laurine Peyrard

    Ulrich's classmate, design and web have no secrets left for her. Laurine thinks about all the details to make our web and mobile applications even more pleasants.

    Damien Dabernat

    Former apprentice in DIM professional bachelor, Damien is now in charge with the Android development of our applications.

    Henri Larget

    Back-end engineer, Henri takes care of the essential logic between our web and mobile applications.

  • Yannick Tassan

    Back-end engineer, Yannick manages the OS software series: OSKill, OSDoc. He also takes part in the Kweeri platform development.

    Cécile Million-Rousseau

    Founder of the Ontologos company, Cécile brings to our team her skills in semantic web, and manage our differents R&D Projects with our labs.

    Cloé Paulmier

    Cloé is communication and growth manager for our mobile apps.

  • Jérémy Mabboux

    Jérémy joined us as an inter to reinforce our Android team. He stayed and is now in apprenticeshipt at ENSIMAG Grenoble.

    Alice Martin

    Alice, our HR intern, improve the team communication and ensure the application of the right administrative procedures.

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