A new interface between
consumer and product

For consumers

  • A line of interconnected, useful and fun mobile apps
  • An access to any information or advice on their favorite products
  • Cash-back offers, gifts (by points), discounts...

For professionals

  • A web platform to manage QRCodes on packagings, and link them to various contents
  • User behavior reports and analytics from mobile campaigns data
  • Temporary or recurrent polls on a representative sample, or on a consumer panel among our community
  • Tools to boost pollster's productivity on site

Our job's basis


AboutGoods Company obtained the Young & Innovant Company statute (JEI in French), which support the R&D unit's development. It allowed us to launch an important project, on image recognition and semantic understanding of the retrieved text.

User interface and experience

The best service is nothing without a nice design and an instinctive use. We rethink our graphic and interface choices on a regular basis, to provide the best user experience possible.


We make sure that our tools are compatible with as much device as we can. All our web products are responsive, and we choose to develop native languages applications to ensure best performances.

  • KOA? applications

    Fun mobile apps that ease your daily life. All connected to one and unique account, they will gather a big user community. TamenKOA? (What do you bring?), aims to organize easily your events and TachetKOA? (What do you buy) simplifies your shopping lists.


    Web platform for professionals, Kweeri simplifies the management of your special offers, on product's packagings (QRCode creation, customized content, impact analysis…).

    Research and development

    Ou engineers work on an image processing algorithm, to extract textual datas from a receipt photograph, understand them despite the distributor's denominations that differs, and finally sort them by type of datas in a same entity.

Stay in touch


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